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Achievements to Date

2015 - BUIHA Division 1: Cup Winners

2013 - National Championships: Finalists

2013 - BUIHA Division 1: Cup Winners

2012 - National Championships: Winners

2010 - BUIHA Division 1: South Conference Winners

2009 - National Championships: Finalists

2008 - Tigers Isle of Wight Tournament: Silver

2008 - National Championships: Winners

2008 - BUIHA Division 1: Cup Winners

2005 - National Championships: Winners

2004 - National Championships: Finalists

2003 - National Championships: Winners


Please visit the link for your university to find out how you can get the relevant letters to join the club.

Each university has their own process and sometimes call the letters something different.  What you need is a Statement of Student Status, Confirmation of Enrollment, Proof of Student Status, or Official Letters.  

You can click the link for your university to find how to obtain the letter, with the exception of:

For these you will need to contact your university directly an ask them where you can get your Official Letters.  You can click on the link of each university to reach their Contact Us page. 

These are the same documents you need to open a bank account or get student exemption on council tax so they should be easy to find. 

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